Extra Degree Employee Award

Coutney Steward

Extra Degree Employee Award Winner Courtney Steward (left) with AAA 1-B CEO Tina Abbate Marzolf

The Extra Degree employee recognition program is  based on principles of the motivational book, 212°.  The book stresses how one extra degree of effort can have a profound effect. The Extra Degree Award is given quarterly to an Area Agency on Aging 1-B employee who gives that extra degree of effort and personifies the principles set forth in the 212° book.

Courtney Steward, Program Coordinator, is the current Extra Degree Award winner. Courtney was chosen in the category of excellent customer service.

Congratulations to Courtney and all the Area Agency on Aging 1-B employees who continue to give that extra degree.

Former Extra Degree Award Winners:
Lori Smith, 2016 1st quarter
Brandon Charles, 2015 4th quarter
Ryan Cowmeadow, 2015 3rd quarter
Sarah Jacobs, 2015 2nd quarter
Rabia Raftari, 2015 1st quarter
Sara Ahlers, 2014 4th quarter
Carlene Fields, 2014 3rd quarter
Kristy Mattingly, 2014 1st quarter
Shavon Walton, 2014, 1st quarter
Barbara Lavery, 2013 4th quarter
Emily Demesster, 2013 3rd quarter
Sandy Smith, 2013 2nd quarter
Maxine Blair, 2013, 1st quarter
Ann Langford, 2012, 3rd quarter
Carlene Fields, 2012, 2nd quarter
Melissa Maxwell, 2011, 4th quarter
Wendy Althouse, 2011, 3rd quarter
Cathy Backos, 2011, 1st quarter
Becki Kugler, 2011, 1st quarter
Denise Parker, 2010, 4th quarter
Mary Katsarelas, 2010, 3rd quarter
Deanna Mitchell, 2010, 2nd quarter
Gerilyn Selmek, 2010, 1st quarter