The Area Agency on Aging 1-B was established in 1974 as a unit of the United Community Services of Metropolitan Detroit, under the leadership of Sandra K. Reminga. In 1987 the AAA 1-B separated from the United Community Services of Metropolitan Detroit and was established as a private nonprofit organization.

In 1974 the Board of Directors made the very significant decision that in-home service was an important service for older adults and subsequently a key priority of the AAA 1-B was determined. The Community Care Management program was launched in 1985 in Oakland county. The program was expanded across the six counties in our region by 1994.

A second milestone for in-home care was the selection of AAA 1-B to provide the MI Choice Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver program in 1993 in Oakland county. This program expanded across our geographic region by 1998.