Senior Advocacy Network (SAN)

Speaking Out for Seniors

The Senior Advocacy Network is a network of individuals and organizations that are committed to following public policy issues which affect older adults, and speaking out on behalf of the needs of older persons.

Who should be a part of the Senior Advocacy Network?

Any citizen or organization interested in policy and advocacy issues affecting seniors in Michigan is invited to join. There is no cost to participate, and membership lists will not be shared or sold to any other organization. The only expectation is that members be active in advocating on behalf of older persons.

What do Senior Advocacy Network members do?

  • Receive informational e-mail (or print mailings) from the Area Agency on Aging 1-B.
  • Keep abreast of issues affecting older adults.
  • Call, write, e-mail, and speak with elected officials and other key decision makers on aging issues.
  • Attend public information sessions.
  • Provide leadership in urging others to be active senior advocates.
  • Respond to calls for action when advocacy on behalf of older persons is needed.

How to Join the Senior Advocacy Network.

Contact the AAA 1-B Advocacy Specialist at or call the Advocacy Department at (248) 262-1282.

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