Strategies that Work: Dementia

These strategies are examples of what has worked for other caregivers in the past. Many services are offered in the community to help caregivers—and those being cared for—cope with the challenges of daily living and reduce stress. Links within the table will take you to our Community Services page, where you will find a more detailed description of the service and, in some cases, coupons that will let you try the service at a special, introductory rate.

Concern or Problem

Strategies and Available Services

Comments from Caregivers

Requires constant supervision and direction Attend Adult Day Service for six hours, two times a week “I was able to get some housework done”
Utilize In Home Respite for four hours once a week “I was able to go grocery shopping without fear or having to take my mom”
Utilize Out of Home Respite at a small facility for one week “My husband and I went up north like we used to, and we will do it again later this year”
Contact the Alzheimer’s Association to learn more about dementia or find a caregiving class “I learned what to expect as his dementia gets worse”
Requires assistance with showering or bathing and personal care Have a Personal Care aide come two times a week to shower and get hair done “My mom loves to get her hair washed and done up”
Contact an Environmental Modification service to install shower bars and get bath seat “He feels so much safer”
Needs to socialize and be out in community Have a Volunteer Caregiver come once a week to go to bingo, lunch or shopping “Well mom loves bingo but I do not seem to have time to take her right now”

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