Medicare Savings Plan

The Medicare Savings Program can reduce or eliminate monthly premiums for your Medicare Part B plan.  You may qualify for help to pay your Medicare Part B expenses if you are elderly or disabled with low income and limited assets.

Whether you qualify and how much help you will receive depends on your income and assets.  You can use our Benefits Calculator to see if you might qualify for the Medicare Savings Program.  Your assets and income will determine the exact level of assistance you qualify for, but you could receive:

  • Help paying some or all of your monthly Medicare premium
  • Help paying some or all of your annual Medicare Part B deductible
  • Up to 20% of the approved costs that you would usually have to pay out of pocket after reaching your Part B deductible

How to Apply
If you think you may qualify, the Area Agency on Aging 1-B’s MMAP Program can assist you with the application.  For one-on-one assistance, please call us at 800-803-7174.